5 comments on “Doctor Fuckwit’s “The Thrill That Kills”

  1. Bon jour, I used to have the cocaine blues myself. Me thinks it’s a good time to reminisce. Thanks

  2. Hey Doc – Love the site, and plz keep up the postings! I especially appreciate the moments when you apply yr medical mind to making musical comps, instead of “radio shows”….those are, for me, a course of treatment I just can’t get behind.

    But: whatever, that’s me.

    Thanks for all the good stuff no matter what….

    • i understand people want tracks to put in their media player etc. – the “shows” are my indulgence – noone’s forced to listen but you will get chance to dl all the tracks featured in them here soon

  3. Great blog! I just found it.

    By the way, a dentist can still rub cocaine on your gums if he or she wants to. The reason cocaine is a Schedule 2 narcotic (and not Schedule 1, like marijuana–which supposedly has no valid medical use) is that it’s still used as a topical analgesic.

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