10 comments on “Crazy! – A Doctor Fuckwit Sloppy Blues Fix

  1. I tried to download this & got an error. How do I download it? Am I doing something wrong? I’m using Firefox & Chrome & cant get it to work.

    Download not available Download permission denied by uploader. (0b67c2f5

  2. shit i dont get this, has worked for some folks and looks fine on my ‘puter… try again and tell me if it works please. maybe i should consider another carrier.

  3. Great! Thanks 🙂 Mediafire works like a charm (Rapidshare gives me the same error as other ppl are getting)

  4. Thns for new link. The RS problem DOES exist, and it effects ALL RS users – everything you upload is set private & not available to public until you manually go in & change settings. Again, these new RS policies effect *everyone* who uploads to RS. – it’s their new tactic to stop downloading, Zippyshare is currently best alternative carrier (mediafire denies access to about 90% files)

  5. Oh and FUCK, indeed! I just missed the mediafore link, it’s already down. If you choose to reup to zippyshare or other provider, w/b ever so grateful!!! Mediafire now uses a really insane copyright sniffer that links directly to fucking itunes & amazon, Message, in this case:

    Permission Denied.
    “Don’t You Just Know It” by Various Artists can be downloaded from one of these fine retailers.

  6. many thanks, again! And anything you already have on rapidshare is not lost, don’t despair – you just need to go to your file manager & set each file you want to share from private to public. Pain in the ass, but easier than reuploading everything elsewhere 😉

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